Thursday, July 14, 2011

VFP Tricks: Adding Graphs and Charts into FoxPro Application

VFP Tricks: Add Graphs or Charts into FoxPro Application
Somehow any charts/graphs in an application would make a big difference for a user-friendly visual application. Also, sometimes it's very important to includes charts or graph in our applications.

Here an easy way for creating charts and graphs in Visual FoxPro application. We need take to take a look at SimpleChart control. You can download SimpleChart control (.zip) from link provided at the bottom of this post.

Visual FoxPro Tips: Programmatically Change Command Window Font

Sometime, we are bored with it's default Courier New font at Visual FoxPro command line window. Of course we can make a change to FoxPro's command window font with it's properties. But, this chance may be quite takes time. With a set of codes written in a .prg file, we can make font turnover with just one click or one Enter.

FoxPro Tips: How to Passes Parameters into FoxPro's Executable

Passing command line parameters from Windows to Visual FoxPro (VFP) created executable is different from passing parameters to FoxPro programs or functions in VFP application, as;

- All parameters are passed to .exe file as strings,
- Parameters should not be enclosed in a single quotes because
  quotes will be treated as part of a parameter,
- Parameters which contains spaces can be enclosed in double quotes,